Dale Carnegie once said “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” That’s something that needs to be embodied in everything people do. And that is something that I tried to implement throughout my entire college career and to put it briefly: it’s been FUN!

Hi, I’m Geoffrey Blosat, a 4th-year International Business and Marketing student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I also have a minor in Advertising and Public Relations and a concentration in Mandarin. I have completed two co-ops and am currently working towards full-time employment in digital marketing, marketing analytics, consulting, or sales.

Through my two co-ops at Ardent Learning and Dale Carnegie Training, I helped to manage and create marketing strategies, particularly in the digital and social realm, all while being the only intern they had. On campus, as a former Resident Advisor and Orientation Assistant, I gained valuable leadership and teamwork abilities. I hope to take all of these skills and turn them into not just a job, but a career.

I’m not all about work, though. I have many passions; sports and music being the most significant. I bleed for the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and New York Yankees. I love going to concerts so trips to Warped Tour every summer are never out of the question. Finally, I am also a big craft beer fan. Just check out my Untappd profile!

So thank you so much for stopping by! Above you will see links to my blog, contact information, and my resume. Feel free to check them out and connect with me! Have a wonderful day :)

Me speaking at the social media conference #140RIT

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