Concert Review: The HONDA CIVIC TOUR starring BLINK-182



Let me take you back a little bit. Back to 2009 and the summer between my junior and senior year.

It was near the end, right in the middle of August. And, like I always did, I looked at the concert calendar for Buffalo and the surrounding area.

I had been to some already: Paramore when they opened up for No Doubt as well as Creed under the tent. And there was one other show that caught my eye: Blink-182′s reunion tour!

And I missed it… Blink-182 has had an impact on so many people thanks to their super catchy punk tunes with lyrics that could be felt by my age group. I regretted that choice for the rest of the summer and even for a while after that.


Yes, Blink-182 headlined the 2011 Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance and Machester Orchestra and it stopped through Darien Lake on August 11th. I made sure to get my tickets as quickly as I could because I did not want to miss this again.

And boy was it worth it! Let’s get right to the review:

Now I missed most of Manchester Orchestra’s set because I was getting merch so I cannot really make a statement on them but from what I heard, they brought the noise and had a good solid set. I do not know any of their songs either so again, I cannot say anything.

My Chemical Romance was next and boy were they good. I was not the biggest fan of Jared Way’s bright red hair but I could look past that. For the songs that I did not know, they were all very good. I just wished I could have connected with them better. I think that is just the problem with playing in a large venue and I had lawn seats in the very back.

The songs I did know, however, were belted at the top of my lungs toward the stage! “The Black Parade” was a spectacular album and still can be listened to today and enjoyed. And that was clear when the only songs I knew were off of that and “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”. My personal favorites of the night were “Welcome to the Black Parade” and when they closed with “Famous Last Words.” Would I see them again? Absolutely.

After them, it was time. BLINK-182!!! And this was a set to remember!

It was 21 songs long! 1.5 hours! And man were there jokes galore! (And the songs were pretty good too)

They put in the perfect balance between their classics (“All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again,” etc…) and four songs off of the new album (“Up All Night,” “Hearts All Gone,” etc…)

And unlike any other concert I have been to, this was probably the funniest. Mark and Tom were dropping joke after joke left and right. They played perfectly off of each other and it looked like they were having the time of their lives.

But the part where everyone went the craziest was in reaction to Travis Barker’s TWO drum solos! The first one was in between two songs to buy some time to the others so they could get ready for the next songs. The second started their encore and Travis drummed to DUBSTEP! It was breathtakingly spectacular!

To top it off, all of the songs were played perfectly! From when they opened up with “Feeling This” to when they ended with “Dammit,” Blink-182 showed why they stuck with them through the years. Even with the long hiatus, Blink fans still came out in full force.

Thank you Blink-182 for putting on one of the most fun shows I have ever seen. Even though I say that about any band I see, this was truly the case with this show. If you have the chance to see them on this tour, do it!!

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