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Week #6 of Co-Op

I cannot believe it. I am already halfway through my co-op at Ardent Learning! This week, along with touching up on what I did this week, I will be talking about the holiday as well as the AWESOME weekend I had doing what I love to do every summer.

This week was a short one at work, with the 4th of July happening on Thursday. So as a result, the team did as much as we could to prepare for the week ahead, such as touching up on little things, scheduling meetings for the upcoming week, and doing some summer cleaning around the office. This upcoming week, one of our biggest clients is stopping through the office and I am really excited to meet them and mingle with them.

Last week, our nation celebrated its 237th birthday on Independence Day. It was a beautiful day as I got to spend it with my family and celebrate what makes our country as amazing as it is. Every second of every day, I am grateful to be an American and live in the greatest nation in the world. I hope and pray that America will continue to succeed and hopefully get better and better by the day.

This weekend, I also continued my tradition of going to the Vans Warped Tour at Darien Center, NY this past Saturday. This year was also notable in that my younger brother got the chance to go for the first time AND I got to go as a street teamer for a record label (Sumerian Records). The show was just as fun as any other Warped Tour I have seen before, thanks to me seeing bands like August Burns Red, Chiodos, and 3OH!3. This tradition will DEFINITELY continue for summers to come and I highly recommend going. There is something for everyone!

Thank you so much for checking out my weekly installment! I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful day :)

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Concert Review: The HONDA CIVIC TOUR starring BLINK-182



Let me take you back a little bit. Back to 2009 and the summer between my junior and senior year.

It was near the end, right in the middle of August. And, like I always did, I looked at the concert calendar for Buffalo and the surrounding area.

I had been to some already: Paramore when they opened up for No Doubt as well as Creed under the tent. And there was one other show that caught my eye: Blink-182′s reunion tour!

And I missed it… Blink-182 has had an impact on so many people thanks to their super catchy punk tunes with lyrics that could be felt by my age group. I regretted that choice for the rest of the summer and even for a while after that.


Yes, Blink-182 headlined the 2011 Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance and Machester Orchestra and it stopped through Darien Lake on August 11th. I made sure to get my tickets as quickly as I could because I did not want to miss this again.

And boy was it worth it! Let’s get right to the review:

Now I missed most of Manchester Orchestra’s set because I was getting merch so I cannot really make a statement on them but from what I heard, they brought the noise and had a good solid set. I do not know any of their songs either so again, I cannot say anything.

My Chemical Romance was next and boy were they good. I was not the biggest fan of Jared Way’s bright red hair but I could look past that. For the songs that I did not know, they were all very good. I just wished I could have connected with them better. I think that is just the problem with playing in a large venue and I had lawn seats in the very back.

The songs I did know, however, were belted at the top of my lungs toward the stage! “The Black Parade” was a spectacular album and still can be listened to today and enjoyed. And that was clear when the only songs I knew were off of that and “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”. My personal favorites of the night were “Welcome to the Black Parade” and when they closed with “Famous Last Words.” Would I see them again? Absolutely.

After them, it was time. BLINK-182!!! And this was a set to remember!

It was 21 songs long! 1.5 hours! And man were there jokes galore! (And the songs were pretty good too)

They put in the perfect balance between their classics (“All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again,” etc…) and four songs off of the new album (“Up All Night,” “Hearts All Gone,” etc…)

And unlike any other concert I have been to, this was probably the funniest. Mark and Tom were dropping joke after joke left and right. They played perfectly off of each other and it looked like they were having the time of their lives.

But the part where everyone went the craziest was in reaction to Travis Barker’s TWO drum solos! The first one was in between two songs to buy some time to the others so they could get ready for the next songs. The second started their encore and Travis drummed to DUBSTEP! It was breathtakingly spectacular!

To top it off, all of the songs were played perfectly! From when they opened up with “Feeling This” to when they ended with “Dammit,” Blink-182 showed why they stuck with them through the years. Even with the long hiatus, Blink fans still came out in full force.

Thank you Blink-182 for putting on one of the most fun shows I have ever seen. Even though I say that about any band I see, this was truly the case with this show. If you have the chance to see them on this tour, do it!!

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Concert Review: The 2011 WARPED TOUR

Yesterday, the Vans Warped Tour made its annual stop out at Darien Center, NY, which is 30-45 minutes outside of Buffalo. So of course, my friends Ian, Rachel, Chelsea, and I make the trip and see the show like last year. This was the second time I had ever gone to Warped Tour and, as expressed from a former article I wrote, I was pretty excited and had high expectations.

Warped Tour has a charity that goes along with it called Feed Our Children Now. By donating three canned goods or $5, you got cut passes and got to enter the venue early. This was a definite plus because even though we got there at 9:30, the line was massive.

We get in at 10:30 and then rush to find out the set times. The  first band on the main stage just happened to be my favorite on the tour, August Burns Red. So Ian and I ran as fast as we could and got a spot FRONT ROW!

Nice view huh?

The guys then came on to the most awesome entrance EVER! It was a techno piece that got everyone excited. They played all of my favorite songs from “Composure” to “Meddler” to “Poor Millionaire”and ending with “Back Burner.” It was 35 minutes of some of the most awesome music I have heard live in a long time. JB Brubaker hit all of his notes to perfection and Matt Greiner was a beast on the drums like he always is. They were my favorite band of all time going in to the show and they still are today.

After that, we went down to the main pavilion which was cut in half to hold two of the stages to meet up with Rachel and Chelsea. The Dangerous Summer was playing at that time. Since we got there late and the others had left early, we weren’t able to hear much of it. What we did hear was far from bad but it was not much memorable.

At 1:30, Jake Luhrs, the lead singer from August Burns Red, was signing autographs at the booth of his record label, Solid State/Tooth and Nail Records.For those who do not know, Jake is a huge role model to me. When he has the chance to, he gives spiritual talks and writes very powerful articles about living life as a Christian. He is a great person to look up to as a fellow Christian myself. He not only signed my poster, he took a minute to say a prayer for my Grandma (who is in a nursing home right now so please keep her in your prayers). Just that little act of kindness meant the world to me and reinforced the reason why I love this band.

Jake Luhrs and I. You want a role model? Here is your guy.

When that was done, I reunited with the group at the main stage again where we saw Attack Attack!. They were a band I missed last year at Warped Tour unfortunately so I was grateful I was not going to miss them again. Losing their guitarist/backup vocalist just before the tour began, they played very well. I thought they sounded better than they do on their albums. Another good decision to catch them.

At 3:00, I had the chance to meet A Day to Remember at the AP tent which was AMAZING! It was just by the main stage so I could hear D.R.U.G.S. perform. This is Craig Owens’ new band and they kicked butt. The only problem I found, though, was that despite the fact that Owens was right on pitch vocally, he did not do enough singing. He let the fans sing too much which took away from the performance a little bit. Nevertheless, it was still good.

No one else was on immediately after so I met back up with the gang and we went to the different merch booths. As we were observing what was going on, Moving Mountains was playing in the background. Now I know nothing on those guys but it was definitely not bad to listen to. Hey, it was much better than I Set My Friends on Fire, who played after them.

The next band we saw at 5:00 was 3OH!3, on the main stage. I was suppossed to see them earlier in the school year at SUNY Geneseo with Ke$Ha but I could not make it down there in time. I originally got the tickets as a joke but they KILLED it. It was great music to bang your head to and, at the same time, easy to sing along to. One of my favorite performances from the day easily.

After them, we made our way back to the pavilion to see Simple Plan. While I do not listen to these guys all of the time, they are absolutely a fun listen. Everything, from their new stuff from their older songs like “Shut Up” and “Welcome to My Life,” was spot-on. Them ending with “I’d Do Anything” just put the icing on the cake.

Up next, we went to the Advent Stage to see one of Rachel’s favorites, Black Veil Brides. Now let me say one thing, I am not a huge fan of these guys AT ALL. Honestly, they were far from bad. I was actually singing along at certain points. It sounded exactly like their albums (except singer Andy had 3 broken ribs so he did not do as much as he could). As good as it was, though, it could not touch any of the big ones from earlier.

Ian and I stayed at the stage to hear Set Your Goals next. Again, they were a band I missed last year as well. I was in the mosh pit the longest for these guys. It was a brutal one as there were circle pits galore for the pop-punk geniuses. For their heaviest song and my favorite “Gaia Bleeds,” the crowd and the pit were especially nuts. It was, again, a great show by a great band.

But that was not all. To cap the night off, A DAY TO REMEMBER took to the main stage. (The Word Alive was on the Advent stage at 8 and I wanted to see them BUT it is ADTR so… yeah.) Starting off with “I’m Made of Wax Larry…”  Mike from The Devil Wears Prada came out to help with vocals. It felt like 90% of the people who came to Warped Tour were all packed around the stage. “Heartless” had the biggest “wall of death” I had ever partaken in. After they ended with “The Downfall of Us All,” the crowd was nuts in applause. It was the perfect way to end the night.

In the end, if you are interested in seeing the Warped Tour and it is around your city, GO! It was the best concert of the year and I had the time of my life! A perfect rating from me.

If you have any Warped Tour stories you want to share, feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

(Thanks to Youtube user “irishdrunk211″ for the videos)

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My. Name. Is. SKRILLEX!

So I had been to dubstep “parties” but never to a concert where there were multiple producers/DJs. Well, I went to my first on Tuesday night.

And it WON’T be my last.

SKRILLEX, the 23-year-old former singer of From First to Last turned super-producer, headlined a show at the Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York. He brought along with him 18-year-old Porter Robinson, 21-year-old Zebb, and local opener DJ Mario Bee. Let me tell you, this show brought the house DOWN!

1. DJ Mario Bee:

Mario Bee, for finding out on short notice, was fantastic!

Right as I walk in, DJ Mario Bee was on stage rocking out. The only one of the performers who did not use a Mac computer, he did much better than many people probably expected. All of his mixes were extremely catchy and a crowd who got there early was very engaged and cheering and dancing along to every beat. And when I go onto his Facebook page, he said he only found out he was performing TWO NIGHTS BEFORE! That makes it even more impressive.

2. Zedd:

The young German was the first major act up after 9 pm struck. He got everyone up and jumping with his electro dance-friendly set. The strong points included great remixes of Black Eyed Peas’ “The Time,” Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World,” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Then, he capped off his set with his own remix of Skrillex’s hit “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and then pulled off a Sonny Moore-esque move and stage-dove. It was an amazing kick-off to the night.


Zedd tearing it UP!

3. Porter Robinson:

Phenom Porter Robinson was up next and there was nothing but applause the moment he got on the stage. The guy has an “it” factor that is very hard to find in the average teenager. In my opinion, he could have started off stronger but he got better and better as the set went along. Once he broke out the dubstep, the crowd was wrapped around his fingers. Jumping around the whole set, and dropping a new track at the end, the future is bright for this guy.

I can't believe this kid is only 18!


The man of the night! When he walked out on stage, the sound in the place was simply deafening. And the shocking thing was that HE seemed to bring the most energy out of all the performers. You usually do not see that from headliners. Right off the bat, he played some brand new tracks that of course featured his trademark sounds (including the cup stacking girl screaming “OH MY GOSH!“). This included remixes to Ludacris’ “Get Out The Way” and Nero’s “Promises.”

Skrillex bringing the crowd to life!

Then of course out came the songs off of the albums. He had everything, from “My Name Is Skrillex” off of his original EP, to “Rock N Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain),” “Kill Everybody,” and “Scatta” from his album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, to “First of the Year (Equinox)” from his latest More Monsters and Sprites. And, of course, he played a few mixes of his biggest song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” even bringing back Zedd to help with his mix of the song. He ended the night blowing the roof off with the intense bass from his remix to Benny Benassi’s  “Cinema.”

It was going until 2 AM!!! Amazing!

One thing that I took notice of was how all of the performers, especially Skrillex, thanked the audience thoroughly throughout their set. They all thanks them for coming out, buying the records and merch, and giving the performers 100% support. That means a lot to us as fans. When you have the love of the performer, we are gonna share the love right back.

According to After Dark Entertainment’s Facebook page (and a shout-out to them for getting Skrillex to play in the area), they are going to try and get Skrillex back in the fall. If that happens, guess who will be one of the first to get tickets? Yeah, this guy.

Because they will be that worth it. Every single penny.


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20 Days Until WARPED TOUR!

The concert of the summer!

If you know me, you would know that I am almost overly excited for the Vans Warped Tour to stop by Darien Lake on July 12th. Last year was the first year I saw it and I had a blast! Bands like Every Time I Die, After Midnight Project, and Parkway Drive put on exciting shows.

The gang from last year's show

The only problem was that before the show, I did not know many of the bands on the bill until a week or two before. I did not have that problem with this year’s lineup! There are a plethora of bands on the bill that I love/am familiar with. So I decided to do a list of the top 20 bands that I want to see. Plus, it just so happened to fit in with the fact that it is 20 days until the show hits Darien Lake. So without further ado, let the countdown begin!

(Note: I know that I will not be able to see all 20 in one day)

20. A Skylit Drive:

Other than the fact that the lead singer sounds like a girl with the crazy-high falsetto, he does not do a bad job. Neither does the rest of the band. I missed the chance to see them back in November when they came to Buffalo (I went to the show but had to leave after Motionless in White)

19. There For Tomorrow:

Interesting fact about these guys: they won the MTVU Award for breakout artist of the year in 2008, beating All Time Low. They are not my top priority band, but I have heard FAR worse music.

18. Winds of Plague:

Yes, I am a fan of “deathcore” and these guys (and girl) are near the top of the list in that genre. I have not heard a ton of their music to really enjoy them, though.

17. Simple Plan:

Ah, Simple Plan. If you had asked me to do this list my freshman year of high school, I would have had these guys near the top. I am a huge fan of a bunch of their old songs.

16. Relient K:

Relient K has been a favorite of mine since I started listening to rock music near the end of my eighth grade year. MMHMM is one of my favorite albums so it would be cool to see these guys.

15. Miss May I:

I have seen Miss May I once: when they opened for The Devil Wears Prada last summer. They bring a VERY heavy set to the stage so it is great music to throw down to. The clean singing is not bad, either.

14. Woe, Is Me:

I have seen Woe, Is Me once: when they opened for A Skylit Drive back in November. Tyler Carter’s voice is INCREDIBLE plus when you throw in the heavy breakdowns, it sounds like a jacked Dance Gavin Dance. Speaking of…

13. Dance Gavin Dance:

Jonny Craig, just like Carter, has a brilliant voice. The only problem, though, is that he is an egotistical jerk. I almost feel sorry for the rest of the band because they are all brilliant musicians. If I see them, I will definitely be tempted to ask Jonny for a MacBook haha.

12. Motionless In White:

I have seen these guys twice: on the Thrash and Burn Tour last August and when they were opening for A Skylit Drive in November. They play an incredible live set. You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? That holds true right here!

11. Asking Alexandria:

I have seen Asking Alexandria once: when they headlined the Thrash and Burn tour. While their music may not be anything revolutionary, it is certainly fun to listen to.

10. The Word Alive:

This is one band that brings some gnarly breakdowns to the table. The guitarists bring great riffs to the table and Telle’s vocals are top-notch. Oh, and the keyboardist does flips over his keyboard on a regular basis. Nice!

9. Attack Attack!:

The first of the bands that I missed on last year’s Warped Tour. Each time they release an album, it seems one member always goes or is let go. This time, as evidence with the song, they found the right combination.

8. Of Mice & Men:

Another band that I missed at last year’s show. Now that they have Austin Carlisle back, the guys released one of the best alums of 2011 so far with “The Flood.” Nasty breakdowns and great vocals are right here.

7. D.R.U.G.S.:

Craig Owens’ latest project is heavier than Chiodos but he shines with it yet again. With one of the best albums of 2011, I have high expectations for the mini supergroup.

6. Set Your Goals:

ANOTHER band that I missed at last year’s show. I love pop-punk and this band is one of the best in this genre. With a new album out next week, I cannot miss these guys again.

5. The Devil Wears Prada:

I have seen these guys TWICE: back on their healining tour in November of 2009 and last summer in July. That means I am practically obligated to see them. And with a new album coming out this year, I must see them again.

4. We Came as Romans:

I have seen WCAR once: when they opened up for A Day To Remember in March. I do not care if you think Kyle’s vocals stink live. They are not that bad plus the rest of the band KILLS it! Plus, I missed half of their set the first time around so I have to see it in full this time.

3. Enter Shikari:

ANOTHER band that I missed on last year’s tour. One of the most awesomely unique bands in the scene today. They have played in front of tens of thousands of people at shows like the Reading Festival in England. I just wish they were more popular in the states. Hardcore + dubstep = win!

2. A Day to Remember:

I have seen ADTR once: when they headlined the Gamechangers Tour in March. Once of the best bands in music today, their latest album was my 2010 Album of the Year. They write some of the most powerful lyrics for teenagers that pertain almost perfectly to my life. I have to see them.

1. August Burns Red:

I do not care who else is playing when these guys are on stage. I WILL see ABR. I have missed them TWICE when they have been to Buffalo. I cannot miss them a third time. Their lyrics are some of the best in music. The guitar riffs are sweet music to my ears. Drummer Matt Greiner is a BEAST. Oh, and the breakdowns are incredible. These guys are a must-see.

I am so excited for what  I am about to see in 20 days! Comment if you agree with any of my choices or if I left a band or two out.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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One thing that I have REALLY enjoyed doing since my junior year of high school is go to concerts. So on the night of May 27th, I went with my good bud Mike and a few of his friends to Club Infinity, a local bar/club where bands come to perform. This was actually the first time I had ever been there as well so it was a good kick-off to my summer concert season. This was the Take Action Tour headlined by the rock/emo group Silverstein. I like a lot of their songs so I was pretty excited to see them. The other bands on the bill were Bayside, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, Texas in July (my favorite band on the bill), and local band Letterset. All in all, despite a VERY “interesting” ending, for what I saw, I was impressed.

Well, we got there late so I unfortunately missed Letterset AND Texas in July, which made me mad but it’s alright. So first up:

1. The Swellers:

The Swellers in action

They are a punk rock band based out of Michigan. I had never really taken the time to listen to these guys before the show which was probably my mistake. The crowd really was digging them as was I. They were full of energy and did not stop from the first song until the last song. There was even a small pit at one point which I thought was really cool.

2. Polar Bear Club:

Polar Bear Club getting the crowd pumped

This was a band who, again, I had heard of but had not listened to often. The reaction that they received from the crowd when they walked on as well as during the performance was fantastic. Thankfully, they brought the energy and the performance to match the crowd’s enthusiasm. Lead singer Jimmy Stadt was hopping all around the stage and belting his lungs into the mic the entire time. I did not know they were from Rochester, either, which is definitely a cool fact. They said they would be filming a live DVD there sometime soon so guess who’s gonna try to go? Yep, they convinced me.

3. Bayside (the best of the night):

Bayside singer Anthony Raneri

When they came out onto the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild. Many people were going to this show just to see them so it stunk because, again, I never took the time to really listen to their songs. I would have enjoyed it more if I did because they ROCKED! They had so much energy and it was almost like they were supposed to be the headlining act. They played all of their ones, from the old ones to the new. I know this will not be the last time I am checking these guys out.

Guitarist Jack O'Shea

"Don't Call Me Peanut"

This is where it gets interesting. During Bayside’s last song, the power gets cut on them. They are not happy. The fans are certainly not happy. I first thought it was because they went too long or something like that. It turned out that it was because of the police. The club had too many people inside which is a fire hazard. As a result,  they had to shut the place down. Silverstein had yet to even come close to the stage! Needless to say, I was not too happy.

All in all, for what I saw, it was a good night. Too bad the two bands I missed the two bands that I wanted to see but that is beside the point. I had fun rocking out and I got introduced to some good music. This will not be the last concert so I’ll be sure to keep posting. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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