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20 Days Until WARPED TOUR!

The concert of the summer!

If you know me, you would know that I am almost overly excited for the Vans Warped Tour to stop by Darien Lake on July 12th. Last year was the first year I saw it and I had a blast! Bands like Every Time I Die, After Midnight Project, and Parkway Drive put on exciting shows.

The gang from last year's show

The only problem was that before the show, I did not know many of the bands on the bill until a week or two before. I did not have that problem with this year’s lineup! There are a plethora of bands on the bill that I love/am familiar with. So I decided to do a list of the top 20 bands that I want to see. Plus, it just so happened to fit in with the fact that it is 20 days until the show hits Darien Lake. So without further ado, let the countdown begin!

(Note: I know that I will not be able to see all 20 in one day)

20. A Skylit Drive:

Other than the fact that the lead singer sounds like a girl with the crazy-high falsetto, he does not do a bad job. Neither does the rest of the band. I missed the chance to see them back in November when they came to Buffalo (I went to the show but had to leave after Motionless in White)

19. There For Tomorrow:

Interesting fact about these guys: they won the MTVU Award for breakout artist of the year in 2008, beating All Time Low. They are not my top priority band, but I have heard FAR worse music.

18. Winds of Plague:

Yes, I am a fan of “deathcore” and these guys (and girl) are near the top of the list in that genre. I have not heard a ton of their music to really enjoy them, though.

17. Simple Plan:

Ah, Simple Plan. If you had asked me to do this list my freshman year of high school, I would have had these guys near the top. I am a huge fan of a bunch of their old songs.

16. Relient K:

Relient K has been a favorite of mine since I started listening to rock music near the end of my eighth grade year. MMHMM is one of my favorite albums so it would be cool to see these guys.

15. Miss May I:

I have seen Miss May I once: when they opened for The Devil Wears Prada last summer. They bring a VERY heavy set to the stage so it is great music to throw down to. The clean singing is not bad, either.

14. Woe, Is Me:

I have seen Woe, Is Me once: when they opened for A Skylit Drive back in November. Tyler Carter’s voice is INCREDIBLE plus when you throw in the heavy breakdowns, it sounds like a jacked Dance Gavin Dance. Speaking of…

13. Dance Gavin Dance:

Jonny Craig, just like Carter, has a brilliant voice. The only problem, though, is that he is an egotistical jerk. I almost feel sorry for the rest of the band because they are all brilliant musicians. If I see them, I will definitely be tempted to ask Jonny for a MacBook haha.

12. Motionless In White:

I have seen these guys twice: on the Thrash and Burn Tour last August and when they were opening for A Skylit Drive in November. They play an incredible live set. You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? That holds true right here!

11. Asking Alexandria:

I have seen Asking Alexandria once: when they headlined the Thrash and Burn tour. While their music may not be anything revolutionary, it is certainly fun to listen to.

10. The Word Alive:

This is one band that brings some gnarly breakdowns to the table. The guitarists bring great riffs to the table and Telle’s vocals are top-notch. Oh, and the keyboardist does flips over his keyboard on a regular basis. Nice!

9. Attack Attack!:

The first of the bands that I missed on last year’s Warped Tour. Each time they release an album, it seems one member always goes or is let go. This time, as evidence with the song, they found the right combination.

8. Of Mice & Men:

Another band that I missed at last year’s show. Now that they have Austin Carlisle back, the guys released one of the best alums of 2011 so far with “The Flood.” Nasty breakdowns and great vocals are right here.

7. D.R.U.G.S.:

Craig Owens’ latest project is heavier than Chiodos but he shines with it yet again. With one of the best albums of 2011, I have high expectations for the mini supergroup.

6. Set Your Goals:

ANOTHER band that I missed at last year’s show. I love pop-punk and this band is one of the best in this genre. With a new album out next week, I cannot miss these guys again.

5. The Devil Wears Prada:

I have seen these guys TWICE: back on their healining tour in November of 2009 and last summer in July. That means I am practically obligated to see them. And with a new album coming out this year, I must see them again.

4. We Came as Romans:

I have seen WCAR once: when they opened up for A Day To Remember in March. I do not care if you think Kyle’s vocals stink live. They are not that bad plus the rest of the band KILLS it! Plus, I missed half of their set the first time around so I have to see it in full this time.

3. Enter Shikari:

ANOTHER band that I missed on last year’s tour. One of the most awesomely unique bands in the scene today. They have played in front of tens of thousands of people at shows like the Reading Festival in England. I just wish they were more popular in the states. Hardcore + dubstep = win!

2. A Day to Remember:

I have seen ADTR once: when they headlined the Gamechangers Tour in March. Once of the best bands in music today, their latest album was my 2010 Album of the Year. They write some of the most powerful lyrics for teenagers that pertain almost perfectly to my life. I have to see them.

1. August Burns Red:

I do not care who else is playing when these guys are on stage. I WILL see ABR. I have missed them TWICE when they have been to Buffalo. I cannot miss them a third time. Their lyrics are some of the best in music. The guitar riffs are sweet music to my ears. Drummer Matt Greiner is a BEAST. Oh, and the breakdowns are incredible. These guys are a must-see.

I am so excited for what  I am about to see in 20 days! Comment if you agree with any of my choices or if I left a band or two out.

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