FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, And Their Social Media Marketing For El Clasico

El Clasico

At least twice a year, the two biggest soccer clubs in the world square up for “El Clasico.” Real Madrid and FC Barcelona squared off on Saturday, November 21, as they try to secure their spot atop La Liga, which both clubs have won on numerous occasions.

With both teams having fans all over the world, it’s hard to communicate their message with all of them. That’s where social media and all of the networks and tools that comprise it come into play. Both teams had to do what they could to get fans interested in the game and everything was used, from Facebook to Periscope.

Despite the game being a one-sided affair, with FC Barcelona winning 4-0 thanks to goals from Suarez (2), Neymar, and Iniesta, it was quite the spectacle to behold. Take a look below and see what each team did leading up to and during the game:


For one of the biggest sporting events in the world, Twitter created custom emoji designs that fans could use to become even more immersed in the game. These official hashtags are a great idea for all teams so they can track their impact across the world.

Twitter also enhances media in a number of different ways and both teams took advantage of it. Barcelona used their very strong presence on Vine (267 million loops when writing) to share throwback posts from past meetings with Real Madrid. Real, on the other hand, used Twitter polls and Twitter video to share classic moments and to get fans to participate and learn more about the team.

Twitter is the go-to place for live updates in sports. When updating your fans with score updates, you need to get creative. FC Barcelona used GIFs to celebrate their four goals, personalizing each one to fit the player. This content is easily shareable, eye-catching, and tells the story without requiring a lot of text.

It helps when your team does well, but it is equally as important that you are prepared to capitalize on those opportunities. Barcelona provided infographics similar to a “drive summary” in American football. Graphics can tell the story without much text and it allows the fan to visually comprehend what they saw.

After the game, Barcelona used their players to drive social traffic. Using quoted RTs, popular content from their bigger players can be shared and photos can be easily displayed.


Facebook has given users the option to change their profile pictures to add a filter or a graphic for certain events. Barcelona and Madrid gave fans the same option. Fans could easily change their profile picture to show their team pride.

Real Madrid also made a clever use of both Facebook Mentions and Facebook 360, two new creative ways to view videos on Facebook. Using it as a way to get behind the scenes, fans could watch practices from all angles. Real Madrid titled the 360 video “Chapter 1.” When will the next chapters be revealed?


With Instagram, Barcelona posted more frequently before the game, but Real Madrid received more engagements out of their posts. Both teams used celebrities in other sports to enhance their content.

After the game, with the Barcelona victory, they had photos fit for the square dimensions so the message could stay consistent. They also, like on Twitter, used their players to leverage their platform and “regrammed” their material.

#Repost @neymarjr ・・・ 😏🤔😬 @leomessi @luissuarez9 VISCA BARÇA 🔵🔴

A photo posted by FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona) on


To build on the idea about sharing ideas in real-time, Snapchat was used by both teams before the match. Neither team had used Snapchat before this week but that didn’t stop them from creating custom designs for users to scan so they could follow.


Real Madrid also paired with Snapchat to be the first Spanish club to have a live story during the match. Fans could submit photos and videos and they would be filtered to create a stream for fans inside and outside of the stadium. This is a great way to give fans the inside scoop into live game action that they wouldn’t be able to see on TV and it encourages fan interaction. This allowed fans to submit content during the game and then Snapchat filtered the “best” ones for the live story.

El Clasico Snapchat

Real Madrid also set filters up for fans to use for photos during the game. These photos could only be used in the area surrounding the stadium. During the game, both teams abandoned using it and focused more on other areas but Barcelona made sure to use it when the game was over so fans could see players interviewing and going to the locker rooms.


Brands and teams use Periscope, the live-streaming app on mobile, to give a new perspective for the fan and a new way to interact with consumers. Barcelona used Periscope during the week to give the inside look into their camp and how the players were warming up. Not only did they send this stream to phones, but they displayed it inside Barcelona on buildings for people to watch.

Needless to say, the people behind Periscope are happy to see this.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

With the opportunity of exposure to millions around the world, brands with the resources would love the opportunity to link up with these brands. Companies like EA Sports and bwin used social media to work with the team in video form.

Brands will also pair with teams during games, whether that is product placement or a sponsored social media message. With soccer, it can be hard to deliver a message since it’s 45 minutes of nearly non-stop action. That’s why before the game and during halftime are two of the best slots and Real Madrid took advantage of it.


Regardless of how good your social media marketing may be, if you do not have good content behind it on your website, it may all be for naught. Both teams made sure to have plenty of content for fans to digest, both before and during the game. Articles, photo galleries, press conference videos, and more got fans up-to-date before the game.

Live scoreboards on their sites during the game provided fans infographics and in-depth statistics. Getting fans onto this and on your website can take away any outside clutter from other social media accounts and you can get to them directly.

The advancements in what you can do with social media are making for an exciting time in sports marketing. It’ll be exciting to see how teams continue to use them to grow their brands down the road.

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