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6 Analytics And Digital Marketing Takeaways From TrackMaven’s Spark 2017

Trackmaven Spark 2017

We use a number of different tools at the Washington Redskins to help oversee our digital data and create actionable insights on web, social media, and beyond. One of those tools is TrackMaven, a social media monitoring tool. I’ve worked with them for as long as I’ve been with the team and I can honestly say they make my job easier by the moment.

Every year, they host a conference called Spark, where they bring together many bright minds from the digital marketing space to explore the realms of data-driven creativity. I have been able to go the last three years and each year, I have come away with something new. This year was no different.

Here are six analytics and digital marketing takeaways I got out of Spark 2017. It was a fantastic experience and I hope to take what I learned with me every day when I go back to work.

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6 Takeaways From The 2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

At the beginning of March, I had the privilege of attending the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for the 3rd time, and this time on behalf of the Washington Redskins. Hosted through MIT and ESPN, it is an amazing learning experience every time I have gone and this time was no different.

It was incredible to hear from so many amazing professionals and meet so many amazing minds. Below are my six major takeaways from the conference. These range from how to assess your data, to the importance of digital, to how to get the most out of your sponsorship activations. Continue reading

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Instagram Stories: 5 Benefits and Ways To Use It

Instagram Stories

On August 2nd, Instagram unveiled a new “Stories” feature that is very similar to Snapchat’s Stories function. You post a photo or a video for up to 10 seconds and then it lasts for up to 24 hours on the top of the Instagram feed. You can also add in one of Instagram’s filters as well as typed text or drawn art. Continue reading

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The Winners and Losers Of Super Bowl 50 Advertising and Commercials

Super Bowl Snapchat Filters

Super Bowl 50. The golden anniversary of The Big Game. Panthers vs Broncos. Newton vs Manning. The biggest game of the year had the eyes of the world on every moment. And in the end, Von Miller and the Broncos defense shut down the Panthers and helped to secure a 24-10 victory at Levi Stadium.

With all of the exposure, brands once again paid some big bucks to get exposure on the biggest stage. With all of this, they needed to be on their A-game, both on TV and online. Some brands won. Some brands lost. Here are my winners and losers from Super Bowl 50.
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6 Sports Business Trends To Watch Grow In 2016

Sports Business Trends 2016

2015 was quite the year for sports, tech, social media, and more. The way sports were consumed and enjoyed continued to change and diversify. The behavior of the fan continued to be altered due to updated technologies and new social networks coming to the forefront.

Because of this, teams and networks need to adjust. Where will the fan be? What does the fan want? What will sponsors want to get behind? Here are some of the hot trends from 2015 that will continue to evolve in 2016. Continue reading

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#Spark15: A Recap of Spark Presented by Trackmaven

Spark 2015

On October 8th, I had the privilege of attending Spark, a content marketing conference hosted by the data analytics company Trackmaven. Trackmaven is a platform I use every day at my job and it helps us track our social data and find out how we match up to our competitors on a daily basis.

At Spark, some of the biggest and best in content and internet marketing came to speak, network, and share advice on how to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts and your content. People from all industries, from print media to music to moving services, were in attendance and getting all kinds of different perspectives was eye-opening and enlightening.

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What Does A Digital Analyst Do?

Digital Media Analyst

One month ago, I started the next chapter in my life. I picked up my belongings and moved out of New York for the first time in my life. My dream came true and I was offered the chance to work for a professional sports team.

Since I was young, I have yearned for the chance to work for a sports team, and it didn’t matter the league. In this case, the NFL and the Washington Redskins had the opening and I was able to secure the job. Also, after studying marketing and working with statistics in sports in college, I knew that I wanted to stats for a job, either on or off the field. In this case, it’s off the field.
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5 Best Practices For Creating A Great Analytics Report

Analytics Best Practices

When you’re a marketer, you need to justify your decisions and how your decisions impact the company. So when sending your superiors reports on research and performance results, you will need to make sure they are top-notch.

In today’s technological age, data and information are readily available to collect on nearly any topic. Web traffic is just one of them. Tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture make all kinds of information readily available to you. Besides, your boss will be looking for numbers which can translate into dollars.

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Google Mobile Searches Now Occur More Than Desktop Ones. What To Do?

Google Mobile Searches

For months, SEO professionals from across all industries prepared for Google’s new algorithm that would hurt sites that were not properly optimized for mobile devices. This was done to go along with the shift in consumer behavior in which mobile browsing is done as frequently as desktop browsing and encourage businesses to cater to their customers on more than just a computer.

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10 New Faces Of Athlete Endorsements and Sports Marketing


Athlete Endorsements & Sports Marketing

We all know the big names across the sports world. Manning. Brady. LeBron. Durant. Big Papi. Crosby. Ovechkin. Woods. Mickleson. Messi. Ronaldo. These are all big names not because of what they do on the field, but what they do off of it.

All of these athletes have made appearances on TV and in entertainment and are often looked to as big faces for endorsements of various brands and companies. A big name athlete associated with your brand can go a long way to leaving a lasting impression in the eyes of fans.

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