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Five Winners and Losers of Super Bowl LI Commercials, Social Media, and Tech

Gatorade Snapchat Lens Super Bowl LI Pepsi Snapchat Lens Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI had everything NFL fans could want. The first overtime Super Bowl game in history, the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, and Tom Brady possibly solidifying himself as the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL. The second half was must-see TV, especially after the beatdown the Falcons put on the Patriots early on.

Another Super Bowl also meant another year of commercials surrounding The Big Game. Costing $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime, brands trying to showcase themselves need to make the most of each moment. Some do it very well. Others… not so much.

The Super Bowl is also more than just commercials, though. Brands needed to be alert and active throughout the game on social media, as the second screen is becoming more and more important every year. Sometimes, the timely tweet or creative GIF really draws the eyes to your post instead of to the commercial that’s on the screen.

Here are some of my winners and losers from all the commercials, social media, and tech surrounding the Super Bowl. Note: this is not in the traditional sense of best and worst ads. This is a combination of ads, social media activity, and tech. Continue reading

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