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Who Are The Most Popular Athletes In Sports In 2017?

Most Popular Athletes 2017

For the third year in a row, I’ve conducted a survey to figure out who the biggest, most popular, and most recognizable names in sports were. At first, it was done as a way to see how in Derek Jeter’s final year, he became the biggest name in baseball and it would be hard to fill his void. Last year, I added five new sports to go along with the “Big Four” American sports.

This year, the same question remains: When you hear or think of certain sports leagues, who are the first people the come to mind? Who are becoming the faces of their sports and are the most gravitating for viewers and businesses? Continue reading

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Who Are The Biggest Names In MLB In 2016?

In January 2015, I conducted a small survey to figure out who the biggest names in American sports were. At the time, it was done to show the impact that Derek Jeter had on baseball in his last season and how the Yankees, sports media, and brands had done a great job of celebrating him. On top of that, it was to show how baseball might have an issue filling the void in having a superstar.

This year, I wanted to do the same thing with no specific mission in mind. Who are the biggest names in major American sports? Who are the athletes that brands can use as endorsers for products? Who are the stars that the public and the media gravitate to?

This focuses on MLB. Last year, Jeter dominated the attention around baseball all the way until his retirement. Would his name still carry weight? Or will a young star take his place?

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